Linde Forklift 4 Pin Rectangular Diagnostic Cable Jaltest JDC554A

Linde Diagnostics Cable Rectangular 4 Pin - Jaltest JDC554A


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Linde diagnostic cable JDC554A for use with a Jaltest diagnostic tool on Linde lift trucks and Linde material handling equipment that require the rectangular 4 pin cable.

The Linde Diagnostics Cable Rectangular 4 Pin JDC554A is an indispensable tool for users of Jaltest MHE Diagnostic Software, specifically designed for Material Handling Equipment (MHE) diagnostics. This cable enables seamless communication between the Jaltest system and Linde equipment, facilitating efficient troubleshooting and maintenance tasks.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Jaltest MHE Diagnostic Software
  • Designed for Material Handling Equipment diagnostics
  • Ensures accurate and reliable communication between Jaltest system and Linde equipment
  • Facilitates efficient troubleshooting and maintenance tasks

Compatible with Famous Brands:

  • Linde: Renowned for its high-quality material handling equipment, Linde utilizes the JDC554A cable to connect its machinery to Jaltest diagnostic tools.

With the Linde Diagnostics Cable JDC554A Rectangular 4 Pin, users can ensure optimal performance and uptime of their material handling equipment through efficient and accurate diagnostics.

Jaltest Software

Purchase/Renew your Jaltest Material Handling Equipment Diagnostic Software for three major updates a year and technical support

1 year Jaltest license of software updates & technical support Off Highway

1 year license Jaltest info online annual fee

FAQ: Is an Annual Renewal Fee Required for My Jaltest License?
Even after the first year, you will retain access to all the software's features for diagnosis, calibration, parameter checks, and more. However, if you choose not to renew your Jaltest license, you will lose access to our technical support, the three major software updates, and the repair information embedded within the software. For current renewal pricing, please click on the software links provided above.

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Jaltest Coverage

Our Jaltest diagnostic coverage spans across Off-Highway, Stationary Engines, Material Handling, and Engine sectors, covering over 172 brands of heavy equipment and more than 3342 models. Additionally, Jaltest CV provides coverage for On-Highway Commercial vehicles, encompassing 199 brands and over 4000 models. Jaltest Marine offers comprehensive diagnostic coverage for the marine industry, including 75 marine brands and over 1383 models. While coverage may vary at the model level, Jaltest ensures continuous enhancement with three major software updates each year, all included in your annual license. If you require specific coverage details tailored to your needs, please request a coverage report below.

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We understand that you might have a hectic schedule, so our goal is to simplify your understanding of the Jaltest system coverage and offer a customized demonstration. Simply inform us of the essential brands and models, and we'll quickly provide you with a video for your review.

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Technical Support

Gain access to our team of diagnostic specialists to support your service needs. This package includes essential technical support for installation and updates with an active license. For additional assistance with connections and software, explore Jaltest Advanced Level 1 Technical Support. This support includes:

  • Assistance with software installation and updates
  • Resolution of connection issues
  • Troubleshooting and support for Jaltest Bidirectional actions
  • Retrieval and interpretation of technical data in Jaltest

For further diagnostic support, consider Jaltest Advanced Level 2 Technical Support. With Level 2, you can access trained professionals to assist with complex equipment issues and advanced functions not yet integrated into the current Jaltest Version.

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