Jaltest Diagnostic Computer Kits


      Get equipped with a Jaltest diagnostic computer kit to get started on the right foot. Mechnician's diagnostic computer kits come with fully refurbished Panasonic MK5 CF 31's with 256 solid state drives and 16mb of ram. They also come with 15 months of warranty. These Toughbooks are ready for work in the toughest conditions. 

      Don't waste money on new laptops or non field laptops. Even worse, don't spend thousands more and get less than a loaded CF31 MK5 for computing power. Mechnician wants you to have the right computer to meet your diagnostic needs for years to come.

      If you are looking to diagnose construction equipment, agriculture or marine have a look at our deluxe kits that come with additional cables. These kits will save you more money and make sure you are well equipped with the cables you need.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DELUXE KITS 

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      23 products

      23 products