Jaltest Marine Outboard Motor Diagnostic Tool Kit
Jaltest Marine Outboard Motor Diagnostic Tool Kit
JDC100B Cojali Jaltest Diagnostic Cable 2.5m 8ft SUBD-26 + JACK (Jaltest Link V9) - Jaltest Marine Outboard Motor Diagnostic Tool Kit
70003015 Transport Hardcase - Jaltest Marine Outboard Motor Diagnostic Tool Kit
70001015 Jaltest Link Interface - Jaltest Marine Outboard Motor Diagnostic Tool Kit
70002007 Cojali Jaltest MultiPin Kit - Jaltest Marine Outboard Motor Diagnostic Tool Kit
Jaltest Marine Outboard Diagnostic Software Activation - Jaltest Marine Outboard Motor Diagnostic Tool Kit
Jaltest Marine Outboard Diagnostic Software License - Jaltest Marine Outboard Motor Diagnostic Tool Kit

Jaltest Outboard Motor Marine Diagnostic Computer Kit


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Jaltest Outboard Motor Diagnostic Computer

Dealer level service capabilities to diagnose your Outboard marine motor. Whether you are working on your injectors, fuel pump, calibrate control levels and more the Jaltest diagnostic tool gives your OEM capabilities to keep your motor running. Plug in and automatically scan and diagnose your motor with a Jaltest marine diagnostic tool equipped with Jaltest marine diagnostic software.

This kit includes a fully equipped rugged refurbished Panasonic CF 31 MK5 with i5 processor, 256 SSD, 16MB ram, windows 10, emissive light waterproof keyboard, 4G LTE card (you supply the sim and connection). This diagnostic computer is configured for maximum performance and life

Jaltest marine diagnostic scanner quickly diagnoses your fault codes, helps your troubleshoot symptoms and provides component replacement repair instructions to get your boat back in the water.

Jaltest Diagnostic Computer Kit Includes:

Jaltest Marine Diagnostic Software - Outboard

1 year license of marine boat software updates & technical support

Jaltest Diagnostic Tools

70001015 Jaltest Link Interface

70003015 Transport hardcase

JDC107.9 USB cable

JDC213.9 OBD diagnostics cable

70002007 Multipin kit. Jaltest Marine

JDC100B Cable 2.5m 8ft SUBD-26 +JACK (Jaltest Link V9)

Refurbished Panasonic Diagnostic Computer with 15 months warranty

FAQ: Is there a required annual fee? After one year you will still have all the functionality of the software to diagnose, calibrate, check parameters etc. If you chose not to renew the Jaltest license you would lose access to our technical support and the 3 major software updates, lose the repair information inside the software. To see current renewal pricing, click the software links above.


Jaltest Coverage

Jaltest Marine has the best coverage in the marine diagnostic industry. Covering 75 marine brands and over 1383 models. Coverage will vary at the model level. However, the 3 major updates a year are significant as Jaltest continues to build out even more capabilities across all the systems and brands. These updates are part of your annual license. Feel welcome to request a coverage report below to learn the precise coverage for your needs.

CLICK HERE to request a specific coverage report


Receive a Custom Demonstration Video

We know how busy you are so we want to make it easy for you to understand the coverage of the Jaltest system and see a custom demonstration. Let us know what your critical brands and models are and we will send a video your way to review.

CLICK HERE to request a custom demonstration video


Monitor your machine health

Machine & Component Health

Jaltest AGV Diagnostic Software

Identify, Diagnose, Resolve

Fault Code Reader

Wiring Diagrams

Jaltest OHW & Construction Equipment Diagnostic Software
John Deere Fault Codes List - John Deere 310 Fault Code

read and record

MEasure what matters

Why choose Mechnician

Technical Support

We know sometimes you need assistance diagnosing, calibrating or changing parameters. This is why Mechnician provides technical support 8:30 am to 7:00 pm EST to help ensure you have the information and answers you need to support your equipment.