Jaltest Marine Diagnostic Computer Kits


      Jaltest Marine Diagnostic Tools 

      Are you looking to have the best marine diagnostic solution to connect across inboard, outboard, jet skis and stationary engines?   Diagnose your inboard engine, outboard engine, jet skis and stationary engines with a Jaltest diagnostic computer kit.

      This version of the Jaltest Marine diagnotic kit includes a fully equipped rugged refurbished Panasonic CF 31 MK5 with i5 processor,  256 SSD, 16MB ram, windows 10, emissive light waterproof keyboard, 4G LTE card (you supply the sim and connection).  This diagnostic computer is configured for maximum performance and life

      Jaltest diagnostics tool enables you to quickly diagnose your fault codes, troubleshoot symptoms, run sea trials, review wiring diagrams, calibrate and more to get your vessel back in the water.

      4 products

      4 products